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In this blog, I'll share my perspective on modern life, how our world seems to be becoming less free.

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Embracing the Digital Wilderness

Let's face it, the modern web can sometimes feel like a chaotic place. What has happened? I don't have all the answers, but I've decided to pack my digital belongings and embark on a journey to explore the digital wilderness. Here, I will document my adventures and my quest for answers.

Internet Homesteading

I envision the internet more like the wilderness. Here, you are responsible for your own fortune and well-being. You have freedom, but it comes with responsibility. This concept is what I call internet homesteading – where you build what you can, share with others, and trade with others. You don't rely on any larger entity that restricts or monitors what you do. Yes, it requires hard work and learning new skills, but in order to be truly free, you must leave the comforts behind and adapt to what you can carry with you. Trust me, the rewards of your labor will be worth it. The content you'll have will be valuable and meaningful, your connections won't be superficial, and you'll have control over your own piece of digital property.

To sum up the core philosophy of internet homesteading:

  • Explore the vast online wilderness.
  • Construct your unique digital presence.
  • Cultivate your content.
  • Forge connections with a like-minded community.
  • Pioneer new frontiers of digital expression.

Projects I'm Working On

Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting projects I'm currently involved in.

  • SnailNet a new way of networking online